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Should C/C++ be deprecated in favor of Rust?

Is it time to retire the legacy C and C++ programming languages, and turn to the high-flying Rust language instead? A prominent Microsoft official believes so.

In a tweet on September 19, Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure, suggested that the day has come to move to Rust for new development not involving garbage collection languages. Russinovich wrote:

Speaking of languages, it’s time to halt starting any new projects in C/C++ and use Rust for those scenarios where a non-GC language is required. For the sake of security and reliability, the industry should declare those languages as deprecated.

Begun as a Mozilla research project, Rust was designed to be memory safe, fast, and reasonably easy for developers to use. Rust 1.0 version arrived in 2015. The language has steadily gained adherents and is updated almost monthly. Rust recently gained its own dedicated security team and is expected to soon be accepted into the Linux kernel.

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